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"CHECK-UP test" or "C -" - a control line must be present on any rapid test, this is an indicator that the test is informative and can be trusted. This is a built-in quality control only after the appearance of an indication of which a reliable result can be expected. 
The name reflects the desire that you only have a control line, i.e. to keep you healthy at all times.
With more than 12 years of experience in diagnostics and working with professional laboratories, we are expanding the audience and trying to make it more accessible to everyone, while increasing the trust of the professional segment. Professional laboratories have the opportunity to work with preanalytics without wasting time and focusing on a more detailed study. 
We produce rapid tests for use in both professional laboratories and POC (point of care) tests by any proficient medical staff. We develop various combinations of tests in order to make them more understandable and informative for the consumer. We are expanding our geography and are constantly looking for new partners.
Accurate, fast, accessible anywhere.
We are working to make diagnostics more accurate, faster and more affordable. For hospitals, this means that they can get the first information in the first minutes in the emergency department or in ambulances.

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